Hygge: The Art of Living Well

Hygge, the Danish word used to describe an approach to living that has a quality of cozy contentment, evolved as a way to embrace...
Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

Bewitching Housewares

We are always looking for ways to bring a bit of magic into the home, which is, after all, where we spend most of...
Alphonse Mucha Peonies

Bringing Art Nouveau Home

A good way to describe Art Nouveau design may be to call it a seductive dance. With its intertwining lines and undulating curves, softly...
Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts—or Santarella Western, Tolkien

Storybook Santarella

Photography by Ren Nickson Photography   “The path was now plain before them, well-tended and bordered with stone. It wound up on to the top of...

A Celebration of Moss

A MOSS-GAZING DINNER FIT FOR ELVES Imagine you’re on a journey through Mirkwood Forest, and you and your companions stumble across a small clearing and...

How To Create A More Tolkienesque or Elvish Home

PHOTOGRAPHY BY JANNE AND RUBEN EIKEBLAD Grow a garden and care for the environment Let trees grow majestic and tall! Let pieces of the wild...
© Janne Eikeblad

Elven Bedtime Ritual

Elves don’t require sleep to maintain their shimmering beauty, but that doesn’t prevent them from bestowing the most lovely night’s rest on their most fortunate...

A Woodland Home Inspired By Tolkien’s Middle Earth

We asked the Norwegian wood nymph to tell us about her elven home and garden and share some tips on how to make your...

The Elven Tea Party

I make sure to occasionally host inspiring parties and sometimes invite friends over to eat good food, dance, play roleplaying games, and sit around the...

Throwing a Magical Party for Kids

photography by VINCE CHAFIN We’ve probably all witnessed a child playing more with the plain box their present came in than with the much coveted,...