Three Colorful and Fragrant Dishes

Photos by Sara Ghedina (A.K.A. One Girl In The Kitchen) Article from #39 Summer 2017  Subscribe // Order Back Issues   Mixed Berry Salad with Feta and Walnut and Raspberry Dressing A...
Witch Cottage Aesthetic - Camilla Rose Gjertsen -01

Witch Cottage Aesthetic

When I was younger I pledged to surround myself with beauty and let it inspire more beauty. Home is my sanctuary, and entering it...

Hobbit Breakfast: Mushroom and Vegan Sausage Pot Pies

Recipes and photography by Sara Ghedina (a.k.a. One Girl in the Kitchen) As anyone who’s ever dined with hobbits knows, second breakfast is one of...
Sweet Tart With Chickpea Filling

Medieval Recipe: Sweet Tart With Chickpea Filling

Medieval cooking is rife with fragrant, exotic spices, which became more and more accessible during the times of the Crusades and the international trade...

Old World Food Magic

RECIPE AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY DANIELLE PROHOM OLSON (A.K.A. GATHER VICTORIA) Looking for a little inspiration for some “all hallowed” food magic? While we may think...
Honey Walnut Cake Recipe Hobbit Breakfast

Hobbit Breakfast: Honey Walnut Cake

This delicious cake is light and not too sweet—perfect for a hobbit breakfast or mid-afternoon snack. Skip the honey glaze to make it less...

Seaside Feasts

Not only is seaweed ultra-healthy, it’s beloved by landlocked mermaids who want that hint of sea in everything they do—and eat. Sea-dwelling sirens can’t...

Orange and Fennel Salad with Hazelnuts and Raisins Recipe

Recipe and photos by Sara Ghedina, Instagram @sara.ghedina_food   Article from ISSUE NO. 38 Spring 2017 – Print || Digital

Hobbit Breakfast: Roasted Tomato Soup

This intense, summery soup can be made lighter if you leave off the croutons and cheese and use fresh chopped basil instead—or you can...

Whorled Wonders

  Open an antiquarian book and there’s a good chance you’ll find marbleized end papers, hypnotically patterned swirls of colors created by floating pigments on...