Gowned in Samite and Gossamer

One of the greatest draws for modern people to the Romantic past is a fashion aesthetic dramatically different from our own. It’s true for...

Wearable Enchantments

Feature Image by ©SIMON RAYMONDE Stephanie Dosen was already an award-win-ning singer, with songs appearing on Dawson’s Creek and Party of Five as well as in...
The Night Goddess Elven Corset Dress, Etsy, Model: Luce Del Sole Makeup: Jane Von Vintage Halo: Hysteria Machine Photography: Studio Sheridan’s Art Dress: Alice Corsets

The Night Goddess

The Night Goddess Elven Corset Dress, by Ukranian designer Alisa Perova of Alice Corsets, caused a sensation when she debuted it on social media,...

Green Cloth, Inlaid with Wild Flowers: Magical Summer Wear

Feature Image: Priscilla Hernandez Enchanting clothing for the modern witch or fairy has gotten far easier with the internet—especially with trends like “whimsigoth” and “witchcore” on...

Faerie-Esque Fashion

We hope you're having a positively faerie-esque week wherever you are and just want to share some exciting news! In the coming months, we'll be...
© Danniella Jaine

Atelier 19 – Jan Knibbs Design Studio

Fashion and textile designer Jan Knibbs, whose couture work we feature in “Time for Changelings” on the preceding pages, recently fulfilled a dream she’s...
Outlander, AF Archive / Alamy Stock Photo

A Wild Yarn

Feature image credit: AF Archive / Alamy Stock Photo When it comes to costuming, enchantment lies in the details. Flora Kennedy’s exquisite accent pieces add layers...
Photography by VIONA IELEGEMS Model: Amaranth from the Noble Blood Vampire Chronicles

1,600 Years of Gothic Fashion: Unders/Outers

Photography by VIONA IELEGEMS Model: Amaranth from the Noble Blood Vampire Chronicles Anyone who’s worn black for a funeral or white for a wedding. Anyone who’s...

The Making of a Hydrangea Witch

PHOTOGRAPHY BY SABRINA L. GREENE Photographer Sabrina L. Greene was driving by her local dentist’s office in Waynesville, North Carolina, late last summer when she...

Wilde Hunt Corsetry

Photography: Frank Wiredu Models: Karisah Brown, Lucia Corsetti, Maryam Jama Fashion (except white lace gown): Wilde Hunt Corsetry White lace gown: Style and Salvage MUA: Ludie Senatus The influence...