Brewing Peridot

A mysterious green liquor sparkling with clarity and infused with the healing powers of over a hundred different herbs—it sounds like a potion out...

Gold Fairy Glow

“What difference is there between a glass of absinthe and a sunset?” —Oscar Wilde I call this DIY green-gold herbal libation the Gold Fairy in homage...

Bottling Autumn

A one-year subscription in the US is $32, two years is $50.  To live in a world of everlasting Septembers and Octobers sounds enchanting, does...

Seed Packet Sugar Cookies

Create magical floral-infused sugar-cookie seed packets with royal icing and chocolate sprinkle 'seeds' using this summertime recipe by Lauren May of MustLoveHerbs. Embrace the enchantment of DIY treats for the season!

The Illuminati Ball

Photography by MARK SHELBY PERRY Imagine if you will: You arrive from New York City, blindfolded, at a country manse on a wooded lake somewhere...

Tips for Decorating in Pre-Raphaelite Style

“With the arrogance of youth, I determined to do no less than to transform the world with Beauty. If I have succeeded in some...

Keys to Abundant Living

Before I recognized the importance of my personal power and claimed it, there was a time when abundance to me meant designer clothes, expensive...

Lughnasadh Wild Berry Margarita

Celebrate the bountiful harvest of Lughnasadh with the vibrant flavors of wild berries in a festive and fruity libation. Indulge in the warmth of summer with a wild berry margarita, a refreshing way to toast to the rewards of harvest time. Join the age-old Gaelic festival of Lughnasadh, honoring the Celtic sun god Lugh, and embrace sentiments of abundance, gratitude, and sacrifice. Explore the rich traditions of this pagan holiday by foraging, co-creating botanical body-care preparations, and savoring culinary delights infused with the essence of summer plants. Cheers to a meaningful and personalized celebration of the season's bounty.

At Home: Faerie QueenDecor

Feature Image Photography by TRICIA SAROYA Kitting out a faerie queen hideaway demands a high level of taste, and an eye for enchanting objets d’art...

Winter Holiday: Croquembouche

RECIPE AND PHOTOGRAPHY BY DANIELLE PROHOM OLSON (A.K.A. GATHER VICTORIA)   What could be more decadent than a lofty spire of cream puffs magically held together...