The warmth of Midsummer
voluptuous, yet restful
weaves her magic into every drop
of precious sunlight
so fleeting
and so powerful
with honeysuckle nectar at our lips
and birdsong the score
in the Season of Swoon

The vibrancy and heightened sensuality of Summer often feels like a dream. Every scent, every sound, every color that greets us is so intensified, it’s easy to be taken by the warm rush of a languid afternoon, succumbing to a glorious bout of lazy. And why not? Just as we bask in the flush of her, Summer is already planning her exit. As with all the seasons, we must seize those gorgeous moments wherever possible, and surrender to them with childlike glee, for they disappear all too soon. Don’t wait for the weekend! These long days assure maximum earthy pleasures, the balmy nights filled with the promise of starlit poetry. Lie back, and bask in it with abandon, my Darlings! The flowers will keep your secrets.

As we enter June, the energy of the Full Moon in Sagittarius last month is still with us, prodding us to continue our focus on expansion. It’s not quite time to rest, my Loves; there will be time for that later in the month. Use this first week to push forward in your plans, getting as much done as possible while you still have the Archer’s optimism and fire at your fingertips.

Speaking of fingertips, a clever New Moon in Gemini greets us on June 13th, firing up our curiosity, and our powers of perception. Gemini rules the hands and arms, so there’s no better time to tend to our talons, and make time for a magical manicure! But more on that in a moment. Mercury rules Gemini, making conversations and networking  a breeze right now, and an excellent time to open a new door to communication. Think of messenger birds chattering excitedly, then carrying information across the sky. However, though Gemini Moons are sharp and quick-witted, they also can be a bit scattered. As this sign also rules the lungs, work with the element of air, and remember to breathe. Make this part of your beauty ritual, and use this time to get out of your head and into your body.

This decadent beauty oil is easy to prepare, and will be a beloved addition to your Beauty Witch potions. For on-the-go lusciousness, decant a bit into a tiny bottle, and stash it in your handbag. Follow, if you like, with a 5-free nail lacquer, or enjoy healthy, radiant talons au naturel!

Velvet Glove Hand and Nail Oil
2 oz. sweet almond oil
1 teaspoon vitamin E
1 small piece of lapis lazuli

essential oils:
6 drops lavender
6 drops lemon
10 drops myrrh

Begin by pouring the sweet almond oil into a colored glass bottle. Add the vitamin E, and give it a clockwise swirl. This is the nourishing, strengthening base of your potion. Breathe as you ground yourself and connect to these energies. Now add the essential oils, one at a time, focusing on caring for your hands, and how they elegantly communicate, via computer and written word, and through touch. Give the bottle another “stirring.” Now, drop in the lapis stone, send the potion love, and set it out to receive the budding Moon’s energy, and the first rays of daylight. Massage into clean hands, nails, cuticles, and even forearms as often as you like. Silken paws and captivating claws are yours with a little help for your plant friends!

Almond Oil  is a Gemini-ruled, easily absorbed oil containing anti-aging vitamin E. It helps to strengthen nails, soothe and prevent peeling, treats cuticles, and brings money magic.

Vitamin E  Though this vitamin is naturally present in almonds, I do like an extra dash in here, as nails and hands take such a beating. It also thickens the potion, which forces us to stop for a moment while it absorbs, and leaves skin incredibly moisturized.

Lavender, Lemon & Myrrh  A potent Triple Goddess of air and lunar energies, this trio will strengthen, cleanse, protect, and ward off signs of aging while extending the vibrations of love and friendship through your hands and fingertips.

Beauty Witch Tip: Lapis, also known as “the truth stone,” conveyed the wisdom of Isis in ancient Egypt, accompanied Sumerian goddess Inanna into the underworld, and was used to convey messages of love and good luck in the royal courts of 18th century France and England. It opens up your ability to communicate effectively. Though used here to facilitate communication through the hands, it is more commonly used to activate the throat chakra, so feel free to dab the oil on your throat when verbal communication needs a little assistance.

As the month progresses, the pace slows, my Butterflies, allowing you to fully revel in the glorious height of the season, the Summer Solstice. On June 21st, we welcome the witchy holiday of Litha, or Midsummer, as she sashays in, hips swaying and full of womanly beauty.  Her enchantments are bestowed upon us in the form of ripe fruits, fragrant blossoms, and the rustling of a warm breeze. Everything is simply bursting with the life-force of sunshine on the longest day of the year, seducing you with pleasure loving charms. This festival honoring the masculine Sun coupled with the ultra-feminine ripeness of now provides a fertile embrace, and, not coincidentally, a customary witchy wedding season!

Which brings me to our pragmatic Capricorn Full Moon, making its appearance at precisely 12:53 am on June 28th. This usually marks a favorable time for getting things done, meeting goals, and checking things off the to-do list. However, our headstrong friend Mars decides to go retrograde three days prior. The magic three. Our Full Moon manifesting won’t go quite as well as we’d like, I’m afraid. Mars is the planet of action, energy, and motivation, so the combination here is a bit at odds, which can be frustrating. We want to make things happen and be terribly efficient, but the pace, as I mentioned earlier, has turned to molasses. It will now be quite challenging to access the warrior planet’s triumphant spirit and ability to conquer. What to do? A smart witch will take this time to linger a bit longer in the afterglow of Midsummer, like an amused hostess glancing at the glorious mess left after the soireé of the season. Let the dishes sit, so to speak, while you enjoy the quiet after the revelry has subsided. Ease any anxiety by taking good care of yourself, and beware of falling into a state of uptight crankiness because the high expectations you have placed upon yourself (and everyone else) aren’t being met.  There will be ample time in months to come to conquer the world. Today is not the day. And remember that this leisurely, warm, honeyed state is exactly in alignment with Summer.

The good news? The Full Moon in June is known to witches as the Mead Moon. That’s right, it is officially the Moon of honeyed wine! Not coincidentally, it has also been termed the Honey Moon, wherein we derive the ritual of a love-drenched holiday following a witches handfasting, as well as traditional wedding nuptials. What sweeter way to extend a sultry Midsummer’s eve than with a “mead” of our own? No, it’s not the classic brew, but even better. This one is named for the Queen of Faeries, and showcases our celestial beauty with fruits of Aphrodite. Drink it chilled, add spirits if you like, and fall into a bed of tall grass! Summer is for lovers, so begin with worshipping at the altar of your own heavenly body, and feed your beautiful soul while you’re at it.

Titania’s Mead
per serving

1 tablespoon hibiscus flowers
2 cups spring water
6 cherries
1 vanilla bean (or 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract)
2 teaspoons coconut nectar, or to taste

Begin by making a hibiscus tea. You can use either fresh flowers if you happen to have them, or procure dried ones, usually available at natural food stores. (Some even stock organic hibiscus tea bags.) You can simply drop the flowers into room temperature spring water, and allow it to steep for a minimum of 1 hour. Strain, and pour the tea into a high-speed blender. Add the cherries, vanilla, and coconut nectar, and blend until smooth. If using vanilla bean – which I highly recommend – split the bean lengthwise with a knife, then carefully scrape the seeds into the potion. While you’re concocting, breathe slowly and deeply, reminding yourself that it’s ok to slow down a bit right now and enjoy life. Yes, work still looms, and the to-do list is endless, but it will all happen in due time. By aligning yourself with the season, and understanding the cycle of Mars, you will manage it all with a certain grace.

Hibiscus is an time honored beauty secret for cooling the body, while softening and hydrating the skin. Ruled by Venus, it was said to have been forbidden to the ancient Egyptians, due to immensely strong lust-inducing powers. It is, naturally, a favorite of mine.

Cherries and Vanilla are also gifts of Venus, water-ruled and bearers of potent love, beauty, and sex magic. Cherries are ripe with vitamins A, B, C, and E, and contain a heap of antioxidants. Beyond beautifying skin and hair, they can improve your vision, and help you get your beauty sleep, thanks to a natural dose of melatonin. Perchance to dream?

Coconut Nectar is a gift of the Moon, and a mineral-rich plant alternative to honey. It has a similar texture and color to a bee’s nectar, but with a very low glycemic index and a slightly lemony taste. It contains vitamin C, B, and amino acids, and the lunar magic of psychic awareness.

Beauty Witch Tip: When making blended beauty drinks, it is essential to use a high powered appliance on its highest speed, to ensure that all plant material becomes smooth, and that all flavors are present. After many Moons, and many blenders that have died in action, I can sincerely recommend a NutriBullet (no, they do not sponsor me) as highly efficient, inexpensive magical helpers.

Have a most delightful month, my Loves.

In the words of Titania, “Thou art as wise as thou art beautiful.”

Love and Stardust,

xo Alise

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Alise Marie is the author of The Beauty Witch's Secrets: Recipes and Rituals For The The Modern Goddess, contributor at Enchanted Living, and creative director at The Beauty Witch®. Visit her at for eco-luxe potions, planetary readings, and seasonal offerings, and on Instagram @thebeautywitchofficial.


  1. Putting aside the fact that I’m always transported by your photos, you have that amazing “watermelon Aphrodite pearls” way to visualise slowing down when I don’t want to.

    Amongst all the beautiful recipes on offer at the moment, the Velvet globe oil is most important. It’s cold and hard here at the moment and it’s a welcome relief.

    • Claudia! That’s so kind of you. I see you’ve been reading my blog! I always refer to enzymes as Aphrodite’s pearls 😉 I’m so glad you’re taking the time to care for your heavenly body! Ah, yes…when the weather gets cold and dry it wreaks extra havoc on our hands and nails, unfortunately. I like to give my nails a rest a few days each week – no lacquer – to let them breathe, and rub my oil into the nail beds, and into my hands, letting it really drink in and strengthen. And since you are truly in velvet glove weather, why not try donning a pair after your treatment? Much love xoxo Alise

  2. These look amazing as always Alise! Thank you for the info about Mars, too. I think that’s going to be a big one to remember. Do you have any nail polish brands you recommend? I haven’t tried the natural ones yet, but I’m really curious!

    • Thank you, Moon Maiden! Yes, keep patient and steady, and don’t let the slower pace frustrate you. Mars goes direct again in August, so really the timing is purrfect to just enjoy the season. I do have a fave nail lacquer: Zoya. I’ve tried every possible natural polish out there, and this one is the best. They all chip easily, I’m afraid, but Zoya makes a somewhat sturdier formulation, and they have an excellent top coat. And, best of all, they have about a zillion shades! You can shop online if they don’t have a decent selection near you. Happy manicures! xoxoxo Alise

  3. Thank you for another awesome column! I made the Velvet Glove oil and it is uh-mazing! it actually helped my dry hands to look good again, and they feel sooo soft. oh and your Siren Beauty article was really great too! I wish I could ask you beauty and magic questions every day.

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