The Beauty Witch: OCTOBER

Majestic trees inhale to draw breath from each graceful limb deep into their hearts, sprinkling jeweled leaves along a scented path. The earth, still ripe with bounty, shimmers between...
Outlander Faerie Magazine AF Archive : Alamy Stock Photo

A Healing Garden

(Feature image credit: AF Archive / Alamy Stock Photo) C laire Fraser, one of the two main characters in Outlander (with her husband, Jamie Fraser), was...
Klaus Haapaniemi

Klaus Haapaniemi’s Magical Creatures

Owls and spiders and ladybugs, hares and swans and whales, bats and bees and crickets … The designs of Finnish artist Klaus Haapaniemi are...

Finnish Fairy Tale Fashion of Mai Niemi

We hope you're having a splendid Friday, the kind that warrants an entire missive about the Finnish fairy tale fashion of Mai Niemi... who...
“Hand With Pearls and Lover’s Eyes” 7x5 inches, oil on panel © Fatima Ronquillo, 2017

In A Lover’s Eye

For the Outlander television series, costume designer Terry Dresbach created an ensemble for Geillis Duncan that included a brooch containing Bonnie Prince Charlie’s eye as...
The Beauty Witch: SEPTEMBER by Alise Marie Faerie Magazine

The Beauty Witch: SEPTEMBER

Graceful branches rake the sky cloaked in evening stars, ever earlier that reach to entwine limbs with brand new winds stirring cool and fragrant. The air is alive...

Fairy Tale Bride

A few months ago, we received an email from Kamilla Mai, who owns the bridal shop Eventyrbruden (or “fairy tale bride”) in Oslo, Norway....

Garbed in the Garden

A profusion of thriving blooms spill from the waist of her gown to the grass at her feet. Moss spreads across the bodice and...

Yarrow and Kelp Labradorite Soap

This soap is an ode to the dancing of underwater light, the shimmering of sunlight filtering through kelp forests and the gray depths that...
Faerie Magazine Beauty Witch AUGUST Alise Marie

The Beauty Witch: AUGUST

Sun kisses bestowed upon us by the great lion in the sky as we bask in the last moments of fullness to savor every delight inhale every perfume and...