Elven Hair Tutorial

Photography by Marita Tathariel The elves are known for having beautiful, long hair, often with intricate braids. Follow along as I teach you how to...

Woodland Wonderment: The Enchantment of Ellen Tyn

She strikes an elf-like and enchanting figure on her Instagram, her riotous fluffy mass of sun-blond hair flying behind her as she runs through...

Celestial Beauty

She glances upward at the night sky, drawing down the moon to illuminate her face with an ethereal glow. The heavens are calling. The...
H. J. Ford for Andrew Lang’s “The Brown Fairy Book”. Wikimedia Commons.

The Tears of a Mermaid

“What symmetry! What art! They are the tears of mermaids!” —A jeweler describing a string of pearls in Desire (1936), starring Marlene Dietrich and Gary...

The Beauty Witch FEBRUARY: A Dance of Fire and Ice

    FEBRUARY: A Dance of Fire and Ice Cold winds howl. As a veil of grey cloaks the skies, turned to frost, the mood is often heavy as the snow we...
Winter Faerie Beauty

Winter Faerie Beauty

Cloak your heavenly body in rich moisture and deep hydration, while infusing your entire being with vital nutrients. Ancient beauty secrets are unlocked inside...

The Beauty Witch: MAY

As the grasses turn to emerald the scent of wild thyme swirls with lusty bramble, released by the joyous dance of happy beasts. The May Queen has arrived to place...
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Michele Carragher’s Intricate Embroidery for Game of Thrones

  When thinking of our favorite medieval-inspired fashions, we couldn’t help but turn our minds (and hearts) to our favorite show, Game of Thrones, and all...
“Hand With Pearls and Lover’s Eyes” 7x5 inches, oil on panel © Fatima Ronquillo, 2017

In A Lover’s Eye

For the Outlander television series, costume designer Terry Dresbach created an ensemble for Geillis Duncan that included a brooch containing Bonnie Prince Charlie’s eye as...

The Beauty Witch MARCH: The Stirring of the Cauldron

The way she plays with us, Spring, coyly giving us a taste of the Sun only to wave her wand, and cast us back again into the...