Anijsmelk: A True Dutch Treat

Article taken from Issue #37 || Winter 2016 Print || Digital Text and Photography by Paul Himmelein Rembrandt van Rijn, Frans Hals, Jan Vermeer—think back to the days of...

Cranberry Pull Apart Brioche

Article taken from Issue #33 || Winter 2015 Print || Digital Cranberry Pull Apart Brioche is a delicious rich bread that can be used in a variety of...

Sugared Spiced Cranberries

Article taken from Issue #33 || Winter 2015 Print || Digital Raw cranberries are notoriously bitter, but this recipe melds the fruit’s natural tartness with sugar to create...

An Enchanted Kitchen

Article taken from Issue #32 || Autumn 2015 Print || Digital When The Art of the Home blogger and professional muralist Dawn-Marie deLara first set out...

The Rising of Magic House

  Photography by Steve Parke The 100-year-old cottage was in ruin from years of neglect, and no one had wanted it. Four buyers had fallen through...

Practical Magic Party Tips

All photos © Tricia Saroy Article from the Autumn Issue #40 - Subscribe or Buy Issue To start, pick a theme from the Practical Magic book...

Always Conjure Midnight Margaritas

A Checklist for Living Like the Aunts

Three Colorful and Fragrant Dishes

Photos by Sara Ghedina (A.K.A. One Girl In The Kitchen) Article from #39 Summer 2017  Subscribe // Order Back Issues   Mixed Berry Salad with Feta and Walnut and Raspberry Dressing A...

Whorled Wonders

  Open an antiquarian book and there’s a good chance you’ll find marbleized end papers, hypnotically patterned swirls of colors created by floating pigments on...

Orange and Fennel Salad with Hazelnuts and Raisins Recipe

Recipe and photos by Sara Ghedina, Instagram @sara.ghedina_food   Article from ISSUE NO. 38 Spring 2017 – Print || Digital