The Beauty Witch: MAY

The famously sweet, verdant fragrance that is May greets us at the very moment we have gone beyond the point of stir-crazy. This year,...

The Beauty Witch: MARCH

Adages and weather aside, the transitional month of March, in fact, comes in like a fish and goes out on fire. Indeed, the spell...

The Beauty Witch: FEBRUARY

Strange and abbreviated, February is oft-greeted with a heave of resignation, followed by the ennui that can only occur during the ceaseless gray of...
Spellbound Spa Alise Marie Enchanted Living Magazine

Spellbound Spa

As days grow darker, shapeshifting all too quickly into endless expanse of night, we are urged to turn our energies inward. With the infinite...

The Beauty Witch: DECEMBER

The wild dance that sweeps us off our feet and into a whirling wind of stars must then deliver us, gently, back to earth. Is it already that time, mes...
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Witchy Beauty

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf becomes a flower.” —Albert Camus As the days lengthen and the big, beautiful harvest moon casts its spell...

Bewitching Glamour

The timeless, eternally beautiful sorceress slowly removes her dramatic ruby choker, placing it with intention upon a table. Turning away, she walks gingerly to...
Roseé du Matin Facial Serum and Pétale Tonique Elixir

Beauté Florale

In the dream of a woman as a flower, she is nestled deep within. Embraced by silken petals she sleeps infused with scent, cloaked in the...
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Silvery Moonlight Skincare

Silvery moonlight can create a surface luminosity, an incandescence, a glow on the skin like nothing else. And in the spirit of our celestial...

Celestial Beauty

She glances upward at the night sky, drawing down the moon to illuminate her face with an ethereal glow. The heavens are calling. The...