The Beauty Witch: AUGUST

August bounds in like a rather large cat romping atop your bed, just as you were hoping for a bit more slumber – he...

The Beauty Witch: AUGUST

With the great feline lunation of late last month still romping about, August shines with the promise of joyful new beginnings. Conjuring what makes the...
Alise Marie Beauty Witch February 2021 Enchanted Living Magazine

The Beauty Witch: February

STAR POWER Feb 1  Venus enters Aquarius *Seek and allow independence* Feb 2  Imbolc *Celebrate new life* Feb 11 New Moon in Aquarius  *Cosmic collaborations* Feb 20  Mercury...

The Beauty Witch: OCTOBER

The Wheel of The Year is a funny thing. And quite beautiful, really. As we undulate forward into a new season of life, we...

The Beauty Witch: NOVEMBER

STAR POWER Nov 4 New Moon in Scorpio *Hold onto your hat!* Nov 5 Mercury enters Scorpio *Digging for the truth* Venus enters Capricorn  *Responsibility takes over* Nov...

The Beauty Witch: MARCH

Adages and weather aside, the transitional month of March, in fact, comes in like a fish and goes out on fire. Indeed, the spell...

The Beauty Witch: SEPTEMBER

The soft fans of trees turn to technicolor as if to remind us that time is fleeting. Stirred by wind and wishes, scented skies and jeweled earth spark...

Winter Beauty Magic

As winter settles into our bones and spirits, Beauty Witch Alise Marie reveals the transformative power of beauty rituals. Amidst the cold, discover the warmth of self-connection and the magic within potent beauty potions. Let the enchantment of vanilla, pomegranate, cardamom, cinnamon, walnuts, avocado oil, and maple bring forth your vibrant, protected, and luminous essence.

The Beauty Witch: JUNE

The warmth of Midsummer voluptuous, yet restful weaves her magic into every drop of precious sunlight so fleeting and so powerful with honeysuckle nectar at our lips and birdsong the score in...

The Beauty Witch MARCH: The Stirring of the Cauldron

The way she plays with us, Spring, coyly giving us a taste of the Sun only to wave her wand, and cast us back again into the...