Annie Oakley - famous rifle shot and holder of the Police Gazette championship medal

When Annie Oakley Kicked Hearst’s Ass

America’s favorite sharpshooter suffered a sugary makeover in Hollywood and Broadway depictions, which depicted her as someone willing to throw matches and stomach bratty...
Olivia and Anton @Blackbirdandgoose Sweden

A Romance with the Land

You might be forgiven if, at first glance, you think the images contained in the Instagram account @blackbirdandgoose are part of an advertorial campaign....

Modern Romantics – Michael and Kelsey Arden

Photography by Steve Parke For an issue devoted to the Romantics, we may or may not have hit the romantic jackpot with our cover models...

Baltimore’s Romantic Ghost

Photography by Steve Parke We wanted to include a special shout out to Edgar Allan Poe and the Edgar Allan Poe House & Museum in...
Bright Star Jane Campion Andrew Motion John Keets Fanny Brawne NPR

Bright Star

By Lisa Gill and Carolyn Turgeon If you want to pass a couple of hours swooning to the poetry of a gorgeous, doomed romance and...

A Call to the Isle of Iona with River Jordan

Do you remember this stunning piece, "A Dream of Muddy Water," by author River Jordan in our Practical Magic issue (which has long been sold out...

Congratulations to Rona Berg: Friend & Contributor

We have some exciting news to share about our friend and frequent glamorous contributor Rona Berg, who just received the Women in Wellness Environmental...

An Interview with Alice Hoffman + Excerpt from Magic Lessons

We’re huge fans of Alice Hoffman and Practical Magic here, and we were thrilled to do a whole Practical Magic–themed issue two years ago...
Orley Anderson

I Do Believe In Faires

Orley Anderson—in her own words, a “mother, creative stylist, and lover of glitter”—conceived of these astonishing images after deciding she “wanted there to be...
urban farmer, forager, mushroom cultivator, and poet Indy Srinath

Urban Farming and Foraging with Indy Srinath

Feature Image: Photograph by NATE BURROWS The word forage might call to mind the image of an adventurer with a harvesting basket strapped to her back,...