A Quarantine Halloween

Imagine a candlelit table. A jack-o’-lantern sits at the center, his glowing grin flashing onto plates full of autumnal fare: treacle tarts, pumpkin rolls,...
Miss Wondersmith Enchanted Living Magic

Magic is Real and You Can Make It

For years I used to think magic was all just made-up fairy tales and stories our parents tell us when we’re young. I would...
Signe Pike Photography by Mark Callander

Enchanted Waters

Photography by Mark Callander Somewhere long ago, in a shady forest pool or a high mountain lake, a woman hovered her palm flat above the...

Branches and Wings – Making a Nature Altar

Feature Image: CoralAntlerCreative:shutterstock.com BY SARA CLETO AND BRITTANY WARMAN We were both in our twenties before we realized we’d been making altars all our lives. Instinctively,...

The Magical Cats of Fairy Tales

BY SARA CLETO AND BRITTANY WARMAN Cover Art: Here in the Grove ART BY CHARLES VESS If you’ve ever spent any time with a cat—black, brown,...

The Messengers Banquet

Photography by Craig Crist and the Wondersmith When I think of a “call to adventure,” I picture a mysterious invitation hidden in the woods inviting...
Unicorns by John Duncan, c. 1933.

Looking For Unicorns

Late summer in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, in northern New Mexico. Aspens, standing tall and graceful on the steep mountainside, their white trunks...

Queen Wolf of the Witches

She is known as Queen Wolf of the Witches. She is a four legged wonder of an animal, a great wolf spirit present in the...

The Original Mermaid

You could say that professional mermaiding began in 1904, when young Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman dove into a glass tank at the Melbourne Exhibition...

A Celebration of the Modern Mermaid

Photography by Marketa Novak | Model: Marie Kružíková Renčová Temptresses from the deep, with beautiful faces and seductive voices, luring sailors to their death. Wicked...