The Beauty Witch: NOVEMBER

The new year is upon us requesting, in grand fashion, our presence - an invitation offered in the spirit of all that is to be conjured. But first! Can we...

The Beauty Witch: FEBRUARY

When the lonely heart of snow and ice, heavy and insular with thoughts of days passed and restless for days to come, is led by the hand...
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The Beauty Witch: DECEMBER

Yuletide Blessings! December’s astro-beauty and wellness forecast is here, and excitement is in the air: lunar intrigue, Venusian delights, and Jupiter's good fortune make...
The Beauty Witch January Alise Marie

The Beauty Witch: JANUARY

With a new calendar year comes the sense of expectation, as endless possibility mingles with more than its share of butterflies. Even though the...
Queen Mab’s Potion Wings by Lights In The Forest

Faerie Queen Beauty Secrets

With silent grace she walks the wood by day, then transforms with the emergence of evening as she floats through the veil of night—sun...
Alise Marie The Beauty Witch, Wellness and Beauty for February

Astro Beauty and Wellness Forecast | The Beauty Witch: FEBRUARY

We think of February as a dreary, rather dull month, and yet, there are the very first signs of new life! We celebrate the sabbat of Imbolc, Aquarian energies, a New Moon to be managed, Mars and Venus in their usual tango, a twist from Juno, an efficacious Full Moon, a Lunar New Year...and, of course, Venus' Day, all swirling with glorious potions and Beauty Witch wisdom.

The Beauty Witch: DECEMBER

Ahh, cheris, this Yuletide season has rushed to greet us, no? It seems only yesterday I was writing to you about warm days, and,...

The Beauty Witch: MAY

As the grasses turn to emerald the scent of wild thyme swirls with lusty bramble, released by the joyous dance of happy beasts. The May Queen has arrived to place...
The Beauty Witch: SEPTEMBER by Alise Marie Faerie Magazine

The Beauty Witch: SEPTEMBER

Graceful branches rake the sky cloaked in evening stars, ever earlier that reach to entwine limbs with brand new winds stirring cool and fragrant. The air is alive...

The Beauty Witch: OCTOBER

Majestic trees inhale to draw breath from each graceful limb deep into their hearts, sprinkling jeweled leaves along a scented path. The earth, still ripe with bounty, shimmers between...