Red House, Bexleyheath painted by Walter Crane. Wikimedia Commons.

Useful and Beautiful William Morris’s Red House

Feature Image: Red House, Bexleyheath painted by Walter Crane. Wikimedia Commons. Perhaps of all the words ever said by a Pre-Raphaelite, the most frequently repeated...
Berkshire Mountains of Massachusetts—or Santarella Western, Tolkien

Storybook Santarella

Photography by Ren Nickson Photography   “The path was now plain before them, well-tended and bordered with stone. It wound up on to the top of...

The Portland Art Museum’s Passion for Paris and Art Nouveau

It’s a bit like entering a dream, one of beauty and culture, where poverty, pain, and any other of the world’s cares and concerns...
©Courtesy of Chatsworth

A Stately Christmas House

Framed by the dark hills of green trees and moorlands, with the River Derwent flow-ing in front of its expansive lawns, a stately home...

Welcome to the Nightfall

Photography by Maike Schulz As the sun sets on a crisp October evening, a line begins to form outside the gates of Brooklyn’s Green-Wood Cemetery....

Scotland’s Couthy Home

It sits grandly in the ancient and mysterious highlands of Scotland, its stalwart exterior refusing to give hint of the shiny, sexy glamour of...

The Dolphins of Atlantis

BY LAURA MARJORIE MILLER PHOTOGRAPHY BY ATMOJI Article from the Summer 2018 Mermaid Issue Subscribe // Pre-Order Print   Flying in an eight-seat hopper plane from Fort Lauderdale,...

An Appointment With Mr. Yeats

Photography by Ciaran McHugh Have you ever loved a poem or story so much you wanted to make it real for yourself ? Actually place...

The Inner Journey

Sometimes finding the way to a magical place or space within yourself is the best type of journey. Escaping outside yourself, through immersion in...
© Mike Rich

The Lodge: A Secret Hideaway

On the rooftop of the McKittrick Hotel in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, there’s a secret garden hideaway called Gallow Green where theatergoers and others...