Fairy Felted Creations

Incorporating a love of all things fairy tale and fairy into day-to-day life is a constant challenge. It helps to find little ways to add a touch of whimsy or magic into everyday wardrobe...
Annie Stegg

Visions of Enchantment

A dragon-like sea monster rears above a ship, terrifying in its unleashed rage, yet beautiful—delicate scales, a sinuous grace to its form. A maiden cautiously steps into a fairy ring, her garments diaphanous, her expression concerned....

Fairies in Advertising

Fairies are notorious for tricking folks into making bad decisions. (See Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream: transformations, potions, falling in love with jackasses.) So it’s natural that hucksters, peddling their own magic and illusions, would people...
All images © The Tolkien Estate Limited 1937.

J.R.R. Tolkien’s Art Nouveau Elvenlands

All images © The Tolkien Estate Limited 1937. Tne moment, I was walking through the steel-and-concrete labyrinth of New York City. The next, I had entered the Morgan Library, taken its glass elevator to the...

Century Studios: Stained Glass

  Article taken from Issue #33 || Winter 2015 Print || Digital Century Studios, based out of Saint Paul, Minnesota, may not have been in business as long as their would indicate, but their intricate stained glass creations bring...

Gowned in Samite and Gossamer

One of the greatest draws for modern people to the Romantic past is a fashion aesthetic dramatically different from our own. It’s true for everyone, though women typically more readily admit they adore the...

The Art of Darla Teagarden

Austin artist Darla Teagarden brings magic realism literally to light in the medium of photography, leaving the viewer intrigued, wonderfully tantalized—one might even say spellbound—by her darkly cinematic and playfully animistic imagery. Inspired, in her...
Gavin Hardcastle

The Magic of SCOTLAND

Like the prickles of the fierce, resilient thistle, should it be handled without care, Scotland gets under your skin. Visit once and you may well succumb to enchantment, as if spellbound by the “little people”...
Amy Rose

Floral Fox Art – The Botanical Paintings of Amy Rose

Lilacs were not supposed to bloom in July, that was a simple botanical fact, at least it had been until now. Girls in the neighborhood had begun to whisper that if you kissed the...

Lady of Shalott

Concept and design by Tricia Saroya Photography by Shirlie Kemp You’ve read about Tricia Saroya’s enchanted ranch (where she lives and hosts ultra-romantic weddings as well as the occasional Faerie Magazine photo shoot, like the one on...