Light Among the Ruins

Inside a roofless church, sculptures crumble in the grip of strong vines. A glass conservatory shatters as the plants once grown inside reach for...
Martin Podt Forest

Into The Forest

We asked a few of our favorite forest photographers to tell us about some of their most enchanted woodland images. Garett Mensching I discovered this tree...

Autumn Picnic Meditation

Photography by AU-CONTRAIRE PHOTOGRAPHY Model @SUGARHAIL Gown MEL PLUM     No matter the season, sometimes we need to feel the sunflower’s stalk and how dense it feels with...

Enchanting Photography by Zephyr & Luna

We wanted to share some very fairytale-esque, lovely photos from French photographer Amber of Zephyr & Luna, who travels all around the world to capture these...
Enchanted Living Magazine, Photographer/Costumes: Carri Angel Photography Second Photographer: Ange Harper Models: Ian Hencher, Sorcha Verey, The Druidess Of Midian Headdress: Under the Ivy

A Forest Fable

Photography by CARRI ANGEL PHOTOGRAPHY and ANGE HARPER When model and artist (and elf) Ian Hencher learned that we were doing a forest-themed issue, he knew he...

CreativeSoul Photography

Husband and wife photography team Kahran and Regis Bethencourt met in an online graphic designer forum and fell madly in love, then started working...
Follow photographer Elizabeth Elder on Instagram @emackphoto. Find model Courtney Allegra on Instagram @itscourtneyallegra. Visit the designers on Instagram—Firefly Path @fireflypath, Miss G Designs @missgdesigns, and wing maker L Marie @hellofaerie.

Raiment for a Faerie Queen

PHOTOGRAPHY BY ELIZABETH ELDER What better way to end an homage to faerie queens than with a magical, glittering queen riding on a unicorn? In...


A PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY BY HELENA AGUILAR MAYANS     "Sehnsucht” is a German noun, hard to translate into other languages. It could be translated as nostalgia, longing,...

Stamped With Immortality

A piece on Elizabeth Siddal (July 25, 1829–February 11, 1862) by Helena Aguilar Mayans and The Seamstress of RohanTo produce any work on Elizabeth Siddal...
MY RENAISSANCE Dress: Rose Savage @rosesavagebridal Crown: Carbickova Crowns @carbickovacrowns

Photography by Yinsey Wang

“The world of self-portraiture helped me envision myself in completely new ways, incorporating myth and fairy-tale aesthetics and a chance to assert my belonging...